Ski doo highmark snowmobile shell jacket (2023)

Ski doo highmark snowmobile shell jacket (1)

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Spend the day out on the trails in comfort and style thanks to its Nylon shell with Thermal Loft insulation and adjustable hem, wrists and collar.

In competitive snowmobile racing, every decision is make or break because every second matters. Knowing this, we set out to design the ultimate snowmo Knowing this, we set out to design the ultimate snowmobile racing pants with the help of our pro riders. The result of our effort is a durable, lightweight pair of snowmobile pants built for superiority mobility and speed. The Kevlar-reinforced Ski-Doo R Its articulated, padded and shaped knee Its articulated, padded and shaped knees give the wearer added agility on the trails.

The full-length two-way leg zippers make it easy to quickly gear up in the trailer or parking lot. Reinforced toe and heel, plus added protection above the boot line. Keeps your feet warm and toasty all day lo Our Ski-Doo Thermal socks are the same thickness as competing socks available, but they are light, warmer, and offer better moisture-wicking performance.

The Ski-Doo BV2S helmet is equipped with a fog-resistant mask system and a lever-activated sunshield. Its inner liner is easily removable for washing after an intense day out on the trails. Features an integrated backlight for nocturnal rides. The latest generation of the first snowmobile helmet designed from a clean sheet of paper to address the issues of cold weather use.

Incorporates a la Incorporates a large eye opening for great peripheral vision. Its dual lens visor uses built-in Clear Vision Technology for a distorsion free, optically-correct view. The unique retractable sunshield raises and lowers The Ski-Doo Modular 3 SE electric snowmobile helmet incorporates a large eye opening for great peripheral vision. Its dual lens visor uses built-in Cl The unique retractable sunshield raises and lowers at the touch of a button.

The Trench Goggle provides a snug fit and a perfect seal with compatible crossover Ski-Doo Helmets for ultimate performance on mountain and trail. The thermal-tinted lens helps provide contrast and is treated to minimize visual interference due to fogging.

The adjustable no-slip strap will keep your goggles comfortably in place all day long The Edge Goggle is a premium snowmobile goggle that provides superior visual clarity by letting riders quickly adapt to changing light conditions.

Chromed and low-light lens are included and can be swapped in and out in a matter of moments. The frameless design allows for an extra wide field of view and exceptional helmet fit. This light and stretchable Ski-Doo beanie wil This light and stretchable Ski-Doo beanie will keep you warm and toasty for the whole snowmobile season, even when the temperatures take a nosedive.

This unisex model is sure to please any snowmobile aficionado This lightweight, breathab This lightweight, breathable, durable and stylish snowmobile hat will keep you comfortable for the entire length of your ride. Available in 2 colors. One size fits all. Its flatlocked seams prevent skin chafing. Windproof neck bib. Lightweight and durable, this essential piece of Ski-Doo riding gear will keep you warm and dry no matter how much time you spend on the trails. Lightweight and durable, it is sure to keep you comfortable from the minute you straddle your rig to Made from a stretch, quick-dry fabric with brushed inner surface.

Pairs well with open face helmets. Their 4-way stretch fleece cu Their 4-way stretch fleece cuff enhance the comfort level for the wearer. With drawstring closure and an adjustable hook and loop web strap with slip keep, these ski-doo mitts are fully adjustable.

Brushed polyester lining with M This snowmobile jacket for teenagers has an inner fleece liner This snowmobile jacket for teenagers has an inner fleece liner and Thermal Loft insulation in the hood to keep heat in and the cold out. The adjustable wrists, waist hem Comfort you can count on Features a gusset pr Features a gusset protector to avoid snow entry around the zipper area. A heat pack pocket is bu Its flatlocked seams prevent skin chafing, which means you can Its flatlocked seams prevent skin chafing, which means you can set out for extended rides and not worry about a thing.

Available in black. It appears that software on your computer is blocking JavaScript. Please configure your security software or browser plugins to allow this website to load JavaScript. Shop Marine. Gibbons, AB Shop Powersports. Toggle navigation. Can I get my money back? Copy Link. Refine Search Reset. Price Apply. Collapse All Expand All. Filters Loading Photos Coming Soon. Part View Options. Quick Look. Men's Legacy jacket Share Second photo or video.

Men's Legacy jacket Make Ski-Doo. Anything that has to do with being in the outdoors…camping, dirt biking, fishing, hunting, mountain biking. I also love spending a lot of time adventuring with my kids. Riding snowmobiles has driven me to keep pushing the sport and to share my passion for riding. From teaching backcountry clinics to weekend adventures with friends, I have always had a passion to ride.

Riding 8 months out of the year only leaves me 4 months to prepare for the next season — you know how that is. My favorite area is in Southeast Idaho, mainly because I know the areas so well and we always have good snow coverage being so close to the continental divide. Even on a bad snow year I will head for the North-facing slopes that are filled with trees and go exploring.

I made the change to Ski-Doo riding gear this year. I ride both the Helium 50 jacket and highpants. The MCode gloves are very good Just great feel and they stay so dry.

Great fit, too.

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Read more. Riding Gear What you need to know about our apparel Read more. Shop now. Deep-snow riding design and tested for the harshest conditions Shop Now.

Trail riding Layer it up and stay warm on the trails shop Now. Winter Essentials. Add to cart. The ultimate in all-day riding comfort and performance.

Plus, it carries a lifetime warranty. Radiant Core Technology is built into our warmest gear. The flexible reflective liner retains the heat from your body and redirects it back towards center mass to keep you warm, even in the coldest conditions. Each with unique technologies to keep you warm on the coldest days. The Exo Float System helps you stay afloat and quickly escape frigid water in the event of an ice break emergency.

Customize your riding experience with fully-integrated, responsive heating technology. With the clim8 app, you can choose your desired temperature to the degree and the powerful, battery-operated system will regulate your heat for up to 6 hours. Explore our new collection of waterproof and windproof gear designed for maximum mobility and stretch performance.

Active trail riders need outerwear and layers with the right balance of warmth, durability, and flexibility.

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