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ok so I just turned 18 and wanted to get my first tattoo, I had already gone to gothic tattoos before to get my belly button done and I was very please with the man who did it and how clean the place was. so my mom set up an appointment for me to go get it on my birthday. I went in to get it and the girl Melissa who was going to a mandala which is like a dream catcher. she started to tell me about how it was too big of a tattoo to get it on my foot, so I said ok and told her the second place that I wanted to get it and then she proceeded to tell me that she did not have enough time to do it in the appointment time that I was given. which in turn made me very upset, she should have had enough time set aside to be able to do my tattoo and we were only 20min into my appointment. but I was good and told her that we could re schedule it for another time, I asked her if Monday which was the next day was ok and she said no she had a lot of people that day. I then told her about how that was the only time I had available because I had work all this week and prom on Saturday. so once I asked her if there was anyone else who could do it, she kind of go mad and then told me that she would make time for me on Monday but it would have to be at 8 o'clock and I told her that was fine. so today being Monday and the day I was supposed to get it done, me my sister and my friend drove to concord which is 45 min away from my house just for her to half-way open the door and tell me that she could not do my tattoo for the second time. this then made me really mad because now I just wasted my own gas to be told that I couldn't get my tattoo done again. so in my opinion if you are wanting to go to gothic tattoos to get a tattoo make sure it is with someone other than Melissa because she will probably keep putting off your appointments. also the way she was talking to me about it made me feel like she was not too sure in her ability as a tattoo artist in doing the tattoo that I wanted. also instead of telling me how much she likes tattoos and encouraging me to get one, she was telling me about how she has some that she wished she never got. I would not suggest going to gothic tattoos to get a tattoo, but would highly suggest it for a piercing.



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I have had 6 tattoos done at Gothic tattoo. My first time looking for a tattoo artist I walked into several places that did not impress me. When I walked into the Derry location of Gothic tattoo, I was first off impressed with the cleanliness of the waiting room.
The person at the desk was more than happy to help me. I explained what I was looking for and right away he started doodling on scrap paper to help me see my vision start to come to life, and BEFORE I even committed to an appointment. After I scheduled an appointment, I expressed my hesitation about getting my first tattoo because of the pain. He took me out back and pulled out new tools and proceeded to do a ""demo"" line on my skin to show me how it felt. He made me feel so comfortable and eased my fears. After everything was said and done, they had the best price I could find and my tattoos came out GREAT! He even helped me make my vision better with his artistic skills (which I lack, and appreciated him doing)

Since they got rid of the Derry location, I have looked at 15+ different tattoo places. (Because I live too far from the Concord location) All of them refuse to draw stencils with out a set appointment, charge extra for drawing stencils, or even refuse to draw them at all. They were all way over priced compared to Gothic, and NONE of them went out of their way to make me feel comfortable.

Finally, I made the decision to bite the bullet and make the drive to Gothic because it is well worth it.





body piercing

I went to the shop and was greeted by a lady. She didn't seem very nice at first be not everyone is perky! So she took my through the proceedure and made me feel comfy. She pierced the first nip and then used another brand new piercer tool. She said she did that because the skin from the previous one would not allow the piercer to slid through nicely otherwise.

She has a small issue getting the second nip pierced. The job got done and I have had them now since August. She did a great job and made me feel safe. I disagree with the last post. This is a great shop and they are trust worthy. Maybe she should have got pierced by the female instead of the male if she was so worried about it.

I unfortunatly have to remove my jewels. One rejected and it was from getting snagged so often. So the shop was nice and said we will remove it free and in 6 months re-pierce it for free.

I'm sorry but I will go there for piercings again!

Thanks Gothic Tattoo.



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I went here to get my hood pierced. They run it like a chop shop! I told the piercer I wanted a horizontal hoop. He agreed then pierced me vertically! He said it was illegal to pierce me horizontally in the state of New Hampshire (LIAR!!). He used a huge clap and didn't bother to check for vains which is very dangerous!

The most off putting part of the experience was when we explained to me the healing and cleaning process. ""Just once a day with antibacterial soap,"" he began, ""Urine is a natural cleaner!""

The only reason I left without saying a word is from the confusion he created.I've been a female a while now, and urine has yet to come out of my c l i t! This man is an idiot! Someone who has no idea of the female anatomy should be the last person piercing women!

After 3 days the pain was excruciating and I ended up visiting my usual body artist. Beside the fantastic infection that was started the man at GOTHIC TATTOO IN CONCORD pierced my crookedly and went through much more skin than it needed. Both were reasons why I was in so much pain. I had to take the piercing out!

Gothic tattoo is an embarrassment to the field of body modification! They should be ashamed of themselves! I am shocked and appalled that they are still in business!


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