10 Best Places to Buy Liquidation Pallets in New Hampshire - Learn Liquidation (2023)

Liquidation stores are getting po[ular by the minute and hence the demand for such stores is increasing rapidly. This is why a lot of people are seeking some good liquidation stores in their area. If you’re one of those people and you live in New Hampshire, then this is the perfect article for you. Today we are going to talk about the ten best liquidation stores to buy liquidation pallets New Hampshire, so sit back relax and enjoy the list. So without further ado, let’s jump right in:-

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Best Liquidation Stores in New Hampshire:

Dollar Tree

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Dollar tree is one of the most famous liquidation stores in New Hampshire, let alone in the US. This store serves the purpose of being one of the most efficient liquidation stores as most people tend to buy from the dollar store. However, the most common thing you’ll hear from their customer is that they never expected t find what they bought in the store.

This means, the Dollar Tree stacks up the most random items in the market and hence makes it perfect for people looking for things they didn’t know they needed. Dollar tree’s customer care service is also very good as they are swift to help you out with whatever you’re looking for and also make sure that you save time and money both.

If you’re looking for the best liquidation pallet in Newhampshire, then Dollar Tree is the one that we recommend. Apart from having tons of variety, and categories ranging from electronics to household utensils, dollar tree is one of the most reputed brands for quality as well.

So if you’re looking to find crazy deals or if you’re looking to buy high-quality things on a budget, then this is the store that we recommend visiting. Dollar tree has multiple liquidation pallets in New Hampshire, these are located in Salem, Hudson, and many more. If you’re nearby, then we highly recommend visiting Dollar Tree for great deals and experiences.

Address: 294 N Broadway UNIT 4, Salem, NH 03079, United States

Phone: +1 603-328-3151

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Dollar General

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The next name on the list is also one of the most popular liquidation store chains in the US. also, if you’re in New Hampshire, their liquidation pallet is a must-visit and we highly recommend going there once. Dollar General, as the name suggests is a discount store that lets you buy a ton of different products for a dollar or less.

Dollar General is one of the largest liquidation stores in New Hampshire and hence is the perfect place to visit if you’re looking for something random and useful. This is one of the few places that you can visit and not get bankrupt, even after buying a ton.

They have all sorts of products lined up for their customers, which is why they are one of the most popular liquidators in the business. Dollar general also doubles up as a retail seller as they have in-house brands working to deliver high quality on a budget and hence they have gotten really popular in the last few years.

Apart from their great products, their staff is super helpful as they are always on their toes to help you out. If you’re looking for something and you dont find it their staff will help you do so. Unlike a lot of the other liquidation stores on the list, this one is highly organized and perfect to shop for leisure.

Address: 37 NH-106, Loudon, NH 03307, United States

Phone: +1 802-234-3849

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The next discount store on the list is the target. They have been in the industry for multiple decades now and hence are the perfect liquidation store in New Hampshire to visit. Target is one of those places where you can find a bit of everything. This is why this place is so popular amongst young people and adults alike.

They have a wide range of products ranging from clothing to electronics. If you need home decor they also sell that as well. This is why the target is a nice stop destination for new homeowners. As you can find everything to make your house a “home” in the target. One of the best things about Target is that they are also one of the largest liquidators of branded clothing items.

They get these products for dirt cheap prices and pass on the savings to their customers. Their stores are air-conditioned, so you can take your time while shopping through and the bill still wouldn’t surpass the budget. This is why we highly recommend visiting target as they have really cool products for cheap prices. If you have never been there. Target’s liquidation stores are located in Nashua, Salem, and Hooksett. If you’re nearby, we strongly recommend visiting their store once.

Address: 310 Daniel Webster Hwy, Nashua, NH 03060, United States

Phone: +1 603-891-4858

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Sam’s Club

10 Best Places to Buy Liquidation Pallets in New Hampshire - Learn Liquidation (5)

Speaking of major liquidators in the US, there is no way that we can leave out Sam’s Club. Sam’s Club is probably one of the oldest in the industry and hence has gathered the reputation of being one of the finest liquidation stores to buy liquidation pallets in New Hampshire. Sam’s Club is a great place to shop for your home, as well as for commercial purposes.

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Since Sam’s Club is located in such a prime location they encounter a huge volume of people walking into their liquidation pallet in New Hampshire. Still, they are one of the most organized places to buy liquidated products from. Sam’s Club also doubles up as a grocery/ general store, which is why they have groceries and produce section as well.

Their prices change daily and based on demand, so make sure you buy items when it’s not in the eyes of other customers., they restock almost every day, making them have one of the biggest inventories as compared to other liquidation pallets in New Hampshire. If you’re in Hudson or Concord, then we highly recommend checking their store out and we’re sure you will find something of use there.

Address: 7 Walmart Blvd, Hudson, NH 03051, United States

Phone: +1 603-882-4600

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TJ Maxx

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The next big name on the list is TJ Maxx. TJ Maxx has been in the business since liquidation stores were a thing and now have evolved to much more. Established in the early 80s TJ Maxx is one of the strongest players in the industry with hundreds and thousands of outlets across the US.

TJ Maxx is at the forefront of budget fashion, which is why they make a ton of profit using liquidation tactics as well. If you’re looking for liquidated clothes or other home decor items, then their liquidation store in New Hampshire is one of the best places to go.

You can find pretty amazing deals there if you really look for them and also find really high-quality products if you have the eye for them. TJ Maxx is also one of the best places to visit, if you’re ever in need of other household items like utensils and glassware, as they have a premium collection of those lined up as well.

Their stores are air-conditioned, so you can browse the shop in peace on a summer afternoon as well. Overall, TJ Maxx is one of the best places to find good deals on clothing and home decor items. So if you’re ever in Salem, Manchester, or Nashua, then we highly recommend visiting TJ Maxx once.

Address: 92 Cluff Crossing Rd, Salem, NH 03079, United States

Phone: +1 603-898-5480

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Innovation Liquidation

10 Best Places to Buy Liquidation Pallets in New Hampshire - Learn Liquidation (7)

The next name on the list is also one of the most popular locally owned and operated liquidation stores in New Hampshire that has helped a ton of customers find exactly what they’re looking for, and hence are one of the best liquidation stores to buy liquidation pallets in New Hampshire.

They promise to deliver a high-quality product, from popular brands at a 40-80% discount, which is a lot when it adds up. You can find something new every day here as they restock daily. On top of that, their shop is organized so that you can find what you’re looking for in no time and get done with your shopping.

Apart from that, Innovation Liquidation’s staff is super helpful as they are always on their toes to help you find anything or answer any sort of question-related to the products. Overall, Innovation Liquidation is a must-visit liquidation pallet in New Hampshire and if you haven’t checked them out yet, we highly recommend doing so. They are located in St Derry, so if you live close by, it’s a must to visit their shop to find something interesting or cool.


Address: 6 A St, Derry, NH 03038, United States

Phone: +1 603-404-6991

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Deja Vu furniture and more

10 Best Places to Buy Liquidation Pallets in New Hampshire - Learn Liquidation (8)

The next liquidation store on the list is a very popular locally owned and operated warehouse in New Hampshire. Dea Vu furniture and more is best described as an eclectic warehouse where the owner’s love for design and furniture is often mixed with bizarre and random things.

They also sell beautiful light fixtures, architectural pieces, basically a bit of everything. Since their warehouse is big enough, Deja Vu furniture is one of the best places to go with a group to find something you’re looking for.

However, disclaimer, their shop isnt really organized with respect t the category, but if you’re really looking for something, you will find it. Apart from their high-quality liquidated products, they also sell other merchandise, surplus, and overstocks from reputed retail manufacturers. If you have never visited their shop before, it’s located on Hillside Ave. so if you happen to be close by, then we highly recommend checking their shop out once.

Address: 113 Hillside Ave, Londonderry, NH 03053, United States

Phone: +1 603-437-5571

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LL Flooring

10 Best Places to Buy Liquidation Pallets in New Hampshire - Learn Liquidation (9)

Formerly known as lumber liquidators, LL Flooring is one of the most popular flooring retail chains in the US, with more than 400 stores nationwide. LL flooring also has a liquidation outlet in Nashua, New Hampshire, which is why we have selected their store in the first place.

They are the best place to find hard surfaces, wooden flooring, as they cater to almost all types of tastes and material selections. Their designs are impeccable and timeless, which is why they have also become one of the largest retail sellers of wooden flooring.

Apart from that, their liquidation services include both buying and selling overstock, surplus wooden furniture, and merchandise from popular retail manufacturers and then selling them off at a much cheaper price than the retail price and passing on the savings.

Apart from that LL flooring is great in terms of customer service, as they have one of the most helpful staff in all of the liquidation stores across New Hampshire. If you’re looking for the perfect place to buy furniture from, then LL flooring is the one that we would suggest.

Address: 1207 Hanover St, Manchester, NH 03104, United States

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Phone: +1 603-666-0333

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Fulfillment21 Liquidators

Last but not least, fulfillment21 Liquidators is also one of the most popular liquidation stores to buy liquidation pallets in New Hampshire. They have been in the liquidation business for quite a long time and hence have an eye for high-quality items even in unopened liquidation pallets.

Their shelves are stacked with random items that can be useful and hence is the perfect place to carry out a treasure hunt. Apart from that, their products are restocked every day, so there is no chance the variety. Fulfillment21 Liquidators are located in Hampton and hence are the perfect place to shop for those who live close by. If you have never visited their shop, then you’re missing out on a ton of great deals and hence you should definitely check them out once.

Address: Door D, 1 Lafayette Rd Building 1, Hampton, NH 03842, United States

Phone: +1 603-601-8546

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OEM XS liquidation Center

OEM X’s liquidation is one of the most popular liquidation stores to buy liquidation pallets in New Hampshire. They are located in Salem, just off Hampshire road, and are always packed with customers. The best part about their store is there is no limit to how much you can buy and how much time you can spend.

Since their warehouse is large, even when it is jam-packed with people, you will not feel too claustrophobic. They sell overstocks, surplus, and discontinued merchandise from repeat department stores across the US and hence have the best deals as compared to other liquidation centers in the region.

OEM XS has been in the market for over a decade and hence has the skill and the experience to select high-quality products and sell them at a price much lower than the retail value. . this is why they encounter such a volume of people coming in every day to buy something for themselves. If you have ever visited their liquidation warehouse in New Hampshire, then we highly recommend you do so.

Address: 11 Garabedian Dr e, Salem, NH 03079, United States

Phone: +1 603-898-8111

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The above-mentioned liquidation stores in New Hampshire are the best liquidation stores and hence are the places that we personally recommend to find great deals and experiences. these liquidation stores have made it easy for you to find high-quality products for cheap prices that too without much effort.

if you were looking for something similar, then we strongly recommend checking these stores first. we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.


Are liquidation pallets worth buying? ›

Conclusion. Buying liquidation pallets at bulk prices and reselling on eBay or Amazon is a worthwhile business model worth exploring. It can help you save money and gives you a wide range of products to sell. You should focus primarily on market research and minimize storage and handling risks.

Are liquidation auctions worth it? ›

Liquidation auctions are an excellent way to buy various products for incredibly low prices. But before you do, ensure you know the direction of business you want to go into by thoroughly researching the market.

Is pallet flipping profitable? ›

Is pallet flipping profitable? Yes, flipping pallets can be profitable if you take the time to research, select your pallets wisely, remain organized, market your products, and work hard.

How much does a pallet of Amazon returns cost? ›

In general, the prices per pallet can range from $100 to $5,000, depending on the quality and the value of the items. Also, others can be as high as $10,000. Prices of Amazon return pallets from Liquidation.com. Shipping options and rates will also vary per liquidation company.

Is buying Amazon return pallets worth it? ›

Yes, it is! You can make money by reselling the products returned to Amazon. The return pallets come from Amazon's warehouses or third-party sellers. It's a good way to get your hands on products in demand but unavailable for purchase in your area.

What is the most common pallet? ›

Throughout North America, the standard pallet size is 48" x 40". This pallet size was popularized and standardized by the Grocery Manufacturers of America (GMA) who found that it was much more effective to ship goods on large pallets than individual parcels.

What pallets should you not use? ›

Look for the IPPC stamp on the side of the wood to determine how it was treated. Pallets marked with an “HT” were heat-treated and did not come into contact with chemicals during the treating process. Avoid unmarked pallets or those stamped with an “MB” for methyl bromide.

Where is the best place to buy liquidated items? ›

  • Top Pick: Direct Liquidation. Direct Liquidation is an online, auction-based marketplace selling liquidation stock. ...
  • BULQ. BULQ partners directly with many top retailers and other suppliers in the United States. ...
  • Liquidation.com. ...
  • BoxFox. ...
  • BlueLots. ...
  • 888 Lots. ...
  • BritDeals. ...
  • Gem Wholesale.
21 Jul 2021

Who gets money first in liquidation? ›

Secured creditors are often paid first in the insolvency process as they often have a claim against specific assets of the insolvent party. The secured creditor will often either take back the property they've secured against or will be entitled to proceeds from the liquidation of that specific property.

What should you not do at an auction? ›

Artiquette: 11 Things Not to Do at an Art Auction
  1. Don't raise your hands in the air if you're not bidding. ...
  2. Don't eat during the auction. ...
  3. Don't bid on the wrong lot. ...
  4. This is not the time to get some Zs. ...
  5. Don't bid just to drive up the price. ...
  6. Don't be afraid to follow up after the sale.
30 Jun 2016

How do I start buying Amazon pallets? ›

The best way to buy pallets is through Amazon liquidation auctions or a liquidation company. Every year (particularly after holidays when many people return unwanted gifts en masse), Amazon auctions off the returned products to the highest bidder.

Can I buy a returns pallet? ›

You can buy them direct from wholesalers or bid in an auction. There are a number of places you can buy them - including Amazon Liquidation Auctions. These sites also sell pallets: MartHill International.

How much can you sell a good pallet for? ›

How much can I sell pallets for? Depending on the condition and size of the pallet, you could sell them for $0.50 to $4 each. It depends on the condition of the pallet and the buyer. Take for instance you want to sell pallets to a manufacturer.

Can I buy Amazon pallets directly from Amazon? ›

You can buy Amazon return pallets directly through Amazon or through an independent liquidation company. Every year, Amazon auctions off its returned merchandise to the highest bidder. These auctions typically take place after the holiday season when consumers return unwanted gifts en masse.

What size pallets are worth money? ›

The most valuable pallet size to sell through buy-back programs are rather GMA 48×40 pallets. This pallet size is one of the most uniform pallet sizes for a wide range of industries worldwide. Since so many businesses already use 48×40 pallets, the demand for this pallet size is considerably higher than custom pallets.

Where can I buy Amazon returns? ›

Where can you buy Amazon returns? Amazon warehouse If you're looking for individual items, Amazon warehouse sells pre-owned, returned, and opened goods at a lower price. You can shop by category and check the condition of the product before you buy.

Does Amazon do liquidation? ›

Amazon partners with liquidation marketplaces, which auction off unwanted inventory to resellers by the pallet or even truckload. Sellers can recover around 5% of the sale price if the product is liquidated.

Can you make a lot of money selling pallets? ›

If you're the owner or manager of a business that needs to offload used pallets, you can make money by recycling your wooden pallets, too. With large enough volume, you can cut out the middleman and go straight to the recycling company to get paid for your used pallets.

Does Amazon have liquidation? ›

They are not customizable and prices are not negotiable. Amazon Liquidations purchases are not eligible for refunds, returns, or exchanges. Your Amazon Liquidations orders will appear on your invoice, Order History, and Your Orders as fulfilled by Warehouse Deals, a division of Amazon.com.

Does Lowes give their pallets away? ›

Are Pallets Free At Lowes? Lowes gives free pallets to its customers. However, not all Lowes stores provide free pallets as some recycle them as part of their sustainability program. So, you have to ask the store in advance if they can provide you with some.

How do you pick out pallets? ›

Upcycled Wooden Pallets: Green Resource or Toxic Trend?
  1. Avoid the ones you see at grocery stores, as they are more prone to food spillage. ...
  2. Make sure the wood is in decent shape. ...
  3. Look at the nails used. ...
  4. Inspect it for gross residue, oil stains, or mold. ...
  5. Avoid the ones that have been sitting out in the rain for months.
15 Jul 2020

Are the pallets at Home Depot free? ›

Unfortunately, Home Depot does not give out free pallets. This is because the retailer has an agreement with its suppliers to return them for recycling. If you need free pallets, you can get them at construction sites, junkyards, recycling sites, and so on.

What is a number 1 pallet? ›

Grade #1 or A Grade pallets are clean and structurally sound, as they have typically been repaired so that it is close to its original condition. For example, broken stringers may have been replaced or repaired with metal plates, and all damaged deck boards have been replaced.

What do pallet colors mean? ›

Colored pallets

Red pallets: PECO (The Pallet Exchange Company from the USA) Red pallets: LPR (La Palette Rouge from Europe) Blue pallets: CHEP (Commonwealth Handling Equipment Pool from Australia) Brown pallets: IPP (IPP Logipal from Europe)

What are the 3 commonly used pallets? ›

3 common types of used pallets
  • Multi-use pallets. Q-Pall makes multi-use pallets (also called return pallets or pool pallets) from new plastics (premium line) or recycled plastics (regular line) which are also fully recyclable thereafter. ...
  • CP pallet. CP pallet stands for Chemical Pallet. ...
  • Hygienic pallets.

What does a blue pallet mean? ›

Over the years, people have asked why CHEP pallets are blue? The answer is that CHEP paints its pallets blue. CHEP uses blue as a pallet color coding aid as well as a marketing advantage. The blue color makes its pallets easier to identify.

What is the strongest wood for pallets? ›

Pine is frequently used in pallets because it is a clean product that can be kiln dried without causing any damage. This makes it suitable for shipping and storing food products and pharmaceuticals. Oak is a considerably stronger material; however, to farm and fell oak just for pallets would obviously be expensive.

What does HT on a pallet mean? ›

Heat treated pallets are often referred to as HT pallets, yet the concept remains the same: Heat treatment is a method of sterilizing the wood to remove all hazardous materials, thereby making the pallets safer and better suited for shipment.

What is the best liquidation pallet site? ›

10 Best Places to Buy Liquidation Pallets Near You (2022)
  • Read QuickLotz's Customer Reviews.
  • Read Bstock's Customer Reviews.
  • Read Via Trading Customer Reviews.
  • Read Merchandize Liquidators Customer Reviews.
  • Read Bulq Customer Reviews.
  • Read GENCO Marketplace Customer Reviews.
  • Read Amlinc's Customer Reviews.

How do I get Best Buy return pallets? ›

Register on the Best Buy marketplace

To register, you will need to have a reseller certificate form to submit with your application. Once approved, you can immediately bid to win Best Buy liquidation pallets.

How do you shop for liquidation sales? ›

7 Tips For Snagging Bargains At Store Liquidation Sales
  1. Check the return and warranty policies. ...
  2. Price compare — liquidation sales aren't automatically great deals. ...
  3. Consider the price-match option. ...
  4. Ask about the closing date and discounting schedule. ...
  5. Shop with your credit card or gift card.
5 Feb 2018

How do I get started in liquidation? ›

Steps to Starting a Liquidation Business
  1. Decide between liquidation vs. wholesale. ...
  2. Find reputable liquidation sites or wholesalers. ...
  3. Become an authorized reseller. ...
  4. Buy liquidation pallets. ...
  5. Resell items. ...
  6. Create a business plan. ...
  7. Conduct market research. ...
  8. Understand your selling options.
2 Dec 2021

What are the 5 liquidation process? ›

The administration of the liquidation begins.

selling or closing the business. identifying and selling the company's assets. contacting and receiving claims from creditors. sending progress reports to creditors.

Where does the money go when you get liquidated? ›

If the liquidator is trading the business on, they can use funds from the unsecured assets to cover trading costs post liquidation before paying out any other debts. After the liquidator's costs, come any court costs associated with the liquidation, if these have been agreed to by the court.

What is the 3 minute rule in auctions? ›

This 3 minute rule stipulates any party who bids online within the last 3 minutes of any Lot's scheduled closing time will trigger an automatic extension of a further 3 minutes of online bidding.

What happens if you win auction but can't pay? ›

If you win a property at auction and can't pay you'll face legal consequences and financial penalties. This is because auction sales are legally binding once the hammer falls. You'll be liable for your 10% deposit, and the seller can even pursue you for other costs on top.

What happens if you win an auction but don't have the money? ›

More often than not, the unpaid items someone refused to buy are quietly returned to the original consignor, put into a future auction with a lower estimated value or are sold privately for a significant loss.

What pallets do Amazon use? ›

What pallet types are accepted? Under the Amazon FBA pallet delivery guidelines, all pallets must be standard 4-way access pallets.

What kind of pallets Does Amazon use? ›

Pallets for Shipping Standard Goods

Amazon requires GMA Standard B Grade pallets which are the lowest category of GMA pallets. Standard B Grade Pallets are characterized as having two or more repairs in each forklift cavity.

What is a John Lewis return pallet? ›

What are John Lewis return pallets? John Lewis return pallets contain returned goods that are sold on unseen at hugely discounted prices. Advertisement. The reasons for return could be broken item, damaged packaging, missing parts, or the wrong item delivered or ordered.

What is an Argos returns pallet? ›

What are Argos return pallets? Argos return pallets are a selection of returned goods. They are sold at a huge discount by the pallet load. Be aware that some items may be faulty, and you won't be able to return them.

Is buying liquidation pallets worth it? ›

Conclusion. Buying liquidation pallets at bulk prices and reselling on eBay or Amazon is a worthwhile business model worth exploring. It can help you save money and gives you a wide range of products to sell. You should focus primarily on market research and minimize storage and handling risks.

How much is a standard pallet worth? ›

Wood Pallets

You can purchase a standard 40-inch by 48-inch pallet in new condition for anywhere from roughly $11.25 to $12.50. If you desire heat treatment, add one dollar to this price range. For recycled wooden pallets, an eco-friendly and cost-saving option, expect to pay between $4.25 and $7.40.

How much is a Grade A pallet worth? ›

Wood Pallet Pricing

For a new, modified, 48-by-40-inch GMA pallet, recent pricing has been in the $11.25-$12.50 range, depending upon the region of the country, according to Pallet Profile Weekly. A heavier-duty block-style pallet such as those used by pallet pools would be $25 or more.

Is it worth collecting pallets? ›

Pallets that are still in fairly okay shape can be repaired and sold again for reuse. This makes them worth a lot more to recycling companies than those that are in bad shape. Don't get discouraged, however, as these pallets can make you some extra money, too.

Can you trust liquidation com? ›

Liquidation.com is a legitimate platform for buying returns, shelf pulls, and salvage items. Once you gain some experience on the platform it is possible to consistently make 2-3x your money flipping items you buy.

Are liquidation pallets worth it UK? ›

Is a liquidation pallet worth it? If you have space and time to create a reselling business, selling liquidated merchandise is worth it. You can usually save 95% on the RRP with surplus and returned goods, so you have the chance to make a good profit.

Who pays most for pallets? ›

Below are the top places to sell your wood pallets.
  • Craigslist. Craigslist is one of the top places to resell recycled products. ...
  • Local Manufacturers. ...
  • Kamps Pallet. ...
  • National Wooden Pallet Container and Association. ...
  • North American Pallet Recycling Network. ...
  • Atlantic Pallet Exchange. ...
  • Recycle.net. ...
  • Local pallet delivery companies.
4 Jul 2022

How much does a 48x40 pallet cost? ›

Cost of Wood Pallets

For a 48”x 40″ new GMA pallet, the latest pricing has been in the $11.25-$12.50 range, as reported by Pallet Profile Weekly, depending on the region of the country you are located in. A heavy-duty block-style pallet, like those used to make pallet pools, pricing would be $25.00 or more.

Is Bstock a good website? ›

Bstock offers no guarantee you ever receive what you paid for. Bstock does guarantee the manifest on their auctions are fraudulent and they and the vendor are not responsible for shipments, if you ever receive it, are accurate. Oddly it's always the high ticket items missing.

Is liquidations Walmart com legit? ›

Yes! All merchandise on Walmart Liquidation Auctions is coming directly from Walmart.com. All orders are picked up from Walmart.com distribution centers.

How much is a blue pallet worth? ›

In the U.S. CHEP enlisted hundreds of customers as "participating" distributors, giving them incentives to return pallets on time. It pays ransom to pallet recyclers, $2.25 for each blue pallet they send back to chep.

What is pallet flipping? ›

Simply put, pallet flipping is buying a pallet of unused or returned goods from a retailer and selling them on for a profit. Most pallets contain thousands of pounds worth of products for a fraction of their original cost.

Does Amazon do pallet liquidations? ›

Amazon partners with liquidation marketplaces, which auction off unwanted inventory to resellers by the pallet or even truckload. Sellers can recover around 5% of the sale price if the product is liquidated.

Does Amazon sell pallets of unclaimed packages? ›

Amazon sells return pallets and overstock merchandise via their various liquidation resale programs: Amazon Warehouse for used merchandise online.


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